We are excited to announce that the all new Doki Doki NFT Gachapon machines are powered by Chainlink VRF, the industry standard for smart contracts needing a tamper-proof and publicly auditable random number generator (RNG). Our first Chainlink VRF enabled Gachapon — Zodiac Girls — launches today and continues the Doki Doki tradition of creating the most fun and fair way for collectors to obtain amazing NFTs and for artists to launch their own collectible series.

We’re always looking for ways to improve the experience of our users while also making sure we use the latest technology to enhance security…


It has been a crazy few months of new developments and launches for Doki. In this update we cover all the updates, launches, and improvements for the Doki Doki ecosystem.

We also want to take a moment to thank you for your continued support of the platform. The Doki team is working tirelessly to continue to improve what we are offering to the world and we are excited about what the future holds. Nothing will get in the way of us continuing to provide more value to our community and the NFT space as a whole.


Launch of DStake 3.0

The beautiful and powerful…

Doki Dokiのこれからのロードマップについて話しましょう!


Note: この記事は今後のロードマップなので今行っているマーケティングやビジネス開発には影響はない。


DStake 3.0は$DOKIのシングルトークンステーキングと統一されたステーキングのインターフェースを導入します。ユーザーはL2での$DOKIステーキングにより、$DOKI、$AZUKI、$uDOKIという3つのトークンが得られます。この新しいステーキング体験はdokidoki.comと統一され、モバイルのUIも作り上げましたので簡単にスマホでL1とL2のステイキングが可能になりました。DStake 3.0は今月中にローンチする予定で、ローンチとともに<Sushi>のLPも出るかも知れません^^





We would like to share a high-level preview into the next iteration of Doki Doki.

Our vision has evolved — we want to grow DeGacha into the premier gamified marketplace for the entire NFT ecosystem. In order to achieve this, development efforts will be focused on scalability, value-added features, and mainstream accessibility.

Note: This is purely a product roadmap and does not include on-going marketing and business development initiatives.


DStake 3.0 will introduce $DOKI single token staking along with a unified staking interface. Users will be able to stake $DOKI on L2 to earn rewards in three tokens — $DOKI…

On KittenFinance, you can now deposit DOKI as collateral to borrow ETH on L1 and Matic on L2. You can also opt to be a lender and earn interest on your idle ETH or Matic, if there are borrowers.

Access: https://www.kitten.finance/new/

In Kitten’s unique lending solution, there are no liquidations, only defaults. We have setup a lending vault and supplied it with 30 ETH from the buyback account with the following parameters:

  • Borrow price 0.035 ETH. This means that for every 1 DOKI you deposit into the pool, you can borrow up to 0.035 ETH. …

Today we have a very special Gacha machine launching in collaboration with Cometh! Details and instructions about how to play the Gacha, Redeem tickets for in-game spaceships can be found in the Cometh blog post

Let’s see how Doki and Azuki go to space!

Story by Meowyen

Hey Doki Squad!

If you didn’t already know, we recently managed to secure a spot as one of the first two collections to be whitelisted on Unicly — a highly ambitious DEX project which aims to become the Uniswap for NFTs!

First of all, what is Unicly? It is a permissionless protocol which allows for anyone to convert a NFT collection into “u” tokens, which are tradable ERC20s. uDOKI is a “u” token which represents fractionalized ownership of the official Doki Doki collection on Unicly. This is collection is considered “official” because it is created and managed by the…

No Spins, Just Rolls- Sushi and Doki Doki Announce Collaboration (◕‿◕)♡

Everybody loves Sushi’s easy-to use DeFi products and everybody loves spinning Doki Doki Gachapon machines for quirky, original, and collectible NFTs, but what happens when world class DeFi chefs and NFT Gachapon engineers create something together?

Actualización del 10 de Abril: El Evento de Generación de Liquidez (LGE) ha comenzado en: https://chainbinders.degacha.com/

¡Hola a todos! Os habla Roy. Mientras escribo esto nos acercamos al lanzamiento oficial de Chainbinders, que es la experiencia de gacha más revolucionaria de Doki hasta el momento. El proyecto ha estado en construcción silenciosa durante las últimas semanas, manteniendo los detalles de su funcionamiento en secreto desde entonces. Ya que estamos tan cerca (en el momento de escribir este artículo) he pensado en dedicar este tiempo a explicar todos los detalles acerca de Chainbinders.

4/10 チェーンバインダーLGEが始まりました: https://chainbinders.degacha.com/

皆さんこんにちは!Dokiのロイです。Doki史上、最も革新的なガチャ体験ができるChainbinders(チェーンバインダーズ)の正式発表まで、わずか数日となりました。このプロジェクトは過去数週間にわたって着々と構築が進んでおりましたが、ほとんどの詳細はベールに包まれたままでした。すべてがどのように機能するかに関する詳細はかなり覆い隠されています。 ですが販売開始に伴い、ようやくチェーンバインダーズに関する詳細を発表できることになりました。

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