Introducing $AZUKI, a hyper-deflationary secondary token created for use in our up-coming Doki Doki NFT DaPP and full-service NFT platform. $AZUKI complements our native ecosystem token, $DOKI, establishing a dual token model designed for large-scale NFT adoption.

Azuki Token Characteristics

Azuki Utility

Why a secondary token & How Azuki brings additional value to $DOKI


$AZUKI will have a total supply of 40,000,000, and a distribution period of 2~3 years. Rewards are still tilted in favor of early stakers in the pools, with 75% of the total Pool supply distributed within the first year. Farmers are entitled to approximately 20M of the supply (50%). The remaining 20m are reserved and locked for future use.

👩‍🌾Distribution via Farming Pools — 20,000,000

With the launch of the Azuki Pools, DStake will be upgraded to DStake 2.0 — DOKI & AZUKI distribution system. Similar to $DOKI, there will be 4 pools to farm $AZUKI.

$DOKI Pool — 3,000,000

$DOKI/ETH LP Pool — 4,000,000

$AZUKI Pool — 4,000,000

$AZUKI/ETH Pool — 8,000,000

DEV Fund — 1,000,000

🏦Platform Reserve — 20,000,000

A reserve to foster value-added partnerships and collaborations. We have pretty strict standards and we only plan on deploying the AZUKI if there is a strong business case and benefit for our holders. Minting function also has a two-day time lock, and we announce all the details in advance.

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