DeGacha Creator’s Dashboard User Guide

The creator’s dashboard enables approved creators to:

  • create new NFTs — set name, max copies, description, and meta-data
  • manage NFTs — load individual NFTs into the machine, mint to specific address, transfer creator, lock/unlock machine
  • manage machines — lock/unlock machine, update name, update description, modify the price per play, and see some useful stats
  • edit profile — set a personal name, bio, website link, and twitter link

Q: How can I get approved?

A: We have a collaboration procedure, please check out this slide deck:


To access the dashboard, simply connect to meta mask with an approved address and the button should appear to you in the menu.

Profile Editor

First, we recommend setting up your profile ^^ so players know who is the awesome creator of the NFTs they are getting. It’s quick and easy. Just click edit profile button

Creating New NFTs

This is also pretty straightforward, especially if you have experience using minters from other NFT platforms.

Properties refers to Metadata. These are some optional key-value data you can freely add to your NFT. They will show up on & on our NFT Detail page ^^.

Some examples of Properties. It’s completely up to you!

With all the details & entered correctly, just click the Create NFT Button, wait a couple of seconds and then confirm the TX in your wallet. Once the TX is confirmed, the NFT is created! At this step, one NFT is minted and transferred to your address, for technical reasons (APIs, back-end, dev stuff).

Loading your NFTs into your machine

Now that you have some awesome NFTs created, it’s time to load them into your machine!

On the Manage NFT page, select the specific NFT you wish to load into a machine.

On the right side you can check some data and confirm everything is correct.

Select the machine you wish to load the NFT into

Before loading, we strongly recommend the machine state to be LOCKED. Locking your machine basically puts it into maintenance mode, so other people cannot play your machine while you are loading new NFTs. The reason is simple, you want to keep the your Gachapon probability model consistent & fair. If players spin the machine when only extremely rare Legendary NFTs are loaded, they will get legendary NFTs 100% of the time…which is wrong.

To lock your machine, just click the lock button. Remember to unlock your machine after loading all NFTs, so people can play again.

Loading your NFT is also straightforward. Just input the amount and click the load button. You will be prompted to approve the machine once, for each NFT. Confirm in your wallet & wait for the transaction to confirm on the blockchain.

Non-minted NFT = You can load up to the remaining non-minted max supply of the NFT

Minted NFT = You can load pre-minted NFTs in your possession (This includes the 1 NFT minted at creation)

You can’t load more than 400 NFTs at once, for gas reasons (Vitalik pls)

Don’t worry if you’re confused between Non-Minted NFT and Minted NFT. At the bottom of the input box, it displays exactly how many you can load.

Below the Machine Loader, you can also find some cool additional tools such as MINT & SEND to a specific address (your own address is fine as well). Transfer Creator (It transfers ownership of the NFT to someone else, but this alone does not allow that person to load NFT into your personal machine. (Don’t use Transfer Creator right now, as there is no point)

Manage your Machine & Settings!

On the MY MACHINES page you can lock/unlock, set a new name, description, and price per play for your machines.

You need to confirm a transaction for every change, as everything is stored on the blockchain.

This page also displays some cool analytics so you can track the performance of your machine ^^.

That’s it!

We hope that you found this guide to be helpful & don’t hesitate to reach out to us for additional support.

We will be releasing a Youtube video tutorial as well.

Disclaimer: As a Gachapon Machine Owner, you can Create & load as many NFTs as you want. Your machine will last forever, unless you do something inappropriate such as upload illegal content. We retain the right to de-list any machine from our platform & revoke your permission to create NFTs. If you are unsure about the legality of a NFT, please consult with us before uploading into your machine.

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