DeGacha is an unique gamified #NFT marketplace built on Ethereum, inspired by the crazy popular Japanese vending-machine style game called “Gachapon”. They’re everywhere in Japan. How does it work?

It’s quite simple! Gachapon Machines are filled with a variety of small collectibles contained within plastic capsules. Players deposit coins, rotate the handle, and receive a random capsule. Sounds fun & kind of addicting. So what are the advantages of Gachapon?

“Sold in small plastic capsules, the toys have attained sales 300%-500% higher than had been anticipated” -Masami Iida, Senior Creative Director at Dentsu Tec. A Japanese company which popularized physical Gachapon Machines”

DeGacha is the digital blockchain equivalent to the physical Gachapon Machines & instead of collectible toys, it’s designed for collectible NFTs!

DeGacha adds value to NFT collectors, NFT creators & DeFi investors

Collectors: adds fun and excitement to the experience of collecting because of the “luck & chance” element. Enhances the collectible aspect of NFTs. The speculative value of collectibles are also expected to rise w/ the growth & expansion of our platform.

Creators: boost sales by 300–400% (based on physical gachapon machines). For #NFT artists and artists in general, it’s a challenge to predict which pieces will be popular & which pieces will not. It’s stressful to think that something you’ve dedicated countless hours into creating, may not even sell. Gachapon solves this issue by bundling all creations into a single prize-pool (per machine). Each play has a fixed cost, set by artists themselves. In addition, supply (scarcity) of each #NFT can be customized, so higher-quality #NFTs can be made more difficult to obtain.

Investors: DeGacha is community owned. We have yield-farming pools for distributing DOKI. We also have yield-farming pools for AZUKI, which is a token spent & burned to play certain Gachapon Machines. AZUKI farming is sustained via the burn mechanism. Investors can choose & diversify among the various pools as they like.

DeGacha Experience: NFT Collector Perspective

DeGacha Experience: NFT Creator Experience

The NFT Gacha platform. Make collecting fun and inspire digital creations.