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3 min readOct 14, 2020


It’s been only two days since we launched our first product, DStake, on October 12, 2020, and TVL is now over 40 million USD. 🥳

We hinted previously that there would be some cool NFT rewards for early stakers. Today we’re excited to share all the details on how it will work.

To show appreciation for our early supporters and community, we are introducing a series of limited edition Doki Doki promo NFT airdrops. In order to qualify for these airdrops, you will need to compete with others by staking X amount of $DOKI for X duration of time in either the DOKI pool or the DOKI/ETH pool.

⏲Start Date: October 12–1PM UTC time

⏲End Date: November 12–1PM UTC time

⌛Event Duration: 31 Days

At the end of the promo period, we will analyze the blockchain events and assign a rank to every address that has ever staked DOKI or DOKI/ETH LP on our platform. Ranks 1–175 in each pool (total = 350) will be rewarded with our first NFT 00 — Evangelist (Preview Below).

Ranking Methodology 📃

Net amount staked(Time weighted average)

nSUM (An)(Dn) where,

An = Amount staked at period n, D = Duration of period n in days

Example 1: If you simply staked 15 DOKI without compounding into the DOKI pool from day 1 to the end date, your score would be calculated as:

15 x 31 = 465

Example 2: If you staked 15 DOKI and decided to occasionally compound rewards in the first few days until you are staking 20 DOKI, then continued to stake 20 DOKI until the end date, your score would be calculated as:

(15 x 1) +(16 x 2 ) + (18 x 1) + (20 x 27) = 605

Example 3: If you staked 30 DOKI for 10 days, unstaked 15 DOKI, and staked the remaining 15 DOKI until the end date, your score would be calculated as:

(30 x 10) + (15 x 21) = 615

Scoring methodology is the same for DOKI/ETH, using LP tokens instead.

Doki Doki NFT Rarity 🌟

Rarity indicates the scarcity of the NFT. There will be six different rarities in the Doki Doki original NFT series.

Legendary Rare [LR] ★★★★★★ = Limited to 30 copies

Ethereal Rare [ ER ] ★★★★★ = Limited to 100 copies

Mystic Rare [MR] ★★★★ = Limited to 250 copies

Ultra Rare [UR] ★★★ = Limited to 1000 copies

Super Rare [SR] ★★= Limited to 2000 copies

Rare [R] ★ = Limited to 3000 copies

Common [C] = Limited to 5000 copies


Our first NFT, Evangelist, will be available in two versions Ethereal Rare [ER] ★★★★★★ and Mystic Rare [MR] ★★★★★. The top 50 stakers in DOKI/ETH and DOKI pool will receive the [ER] version. The next 125 stakers DOKI/ETH and DOKI will receive the [MR] version. These NFTs will be immediately tradeable on marketplaces such as Rarible and OpenSea.

During this event, our team will be working hard on the next Doki Doki Finance product. In the next article, we will be releasing a roadmap. Stay tuned!

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