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4 min readJun 14, 2021

We would like to share a high-level preview into the next iteration of Doki Doki.

Our vision has evolved — we want to grow DeGacha into the premier gamified marketplace for the entire NFT ecosystem. In order to achieve this, development efforts will be focused on scalability, value-added features, and mainstream accessibility.

Note: This is purely a product roadmap and does not include on-going marketing and business development initiatives.


DStake 3.0 will introduce $DOKI single token staking along with a unified staking interface. Users will be able to stake $DOKI on L2 to earn rewards in three tokens — $DOKI, $AZUKI, and $uDOKI. Merged with, the new mobile-friendly UI will be a convenient place for users to manage both L1 and L2 pools. DStake 3.0 is scheduled to go live this month, and there might be some fresh treats for LPs <Sushi>.


Below, we present a blueprint to prepare DeGacha for mass adoption.


An enormous backlog of over 200 creator applications and results from a community survey led us to the conclusion that we needed to revamp the current centralized onboarding process.

We will introduce a “DokiDoki Ticket” system which balances scalability with quality control by allowing the community to directly participate in the curation process. Let’s dive into how it works.

By acquiring and redeeming(burning) a “DokiDoki Ticket” NFT”, creators will be able to self-launch a machine without screening and approval from the team. We expect that there will be a market for these tickets which discourages spammers from deploying low-quality machines.

The ticket distribution gives us control over how quickly we scale. If we notice saturation, we can lower the number of tickets given out. At this point, the following distribution schemes are under consideration:

  • Rewards for creators who achieve X$ volume on their machine
  • Rewards for NFT collectors
  • Rewards for $DOKI and $AZUKI LPs and stakers
  • Airdrop of Doki Doki tickets to top artists on other platforms. Claimable on

We welcome your feedback and other ideas for on the distribution of “Doki Doki Tickets”

As a final safety measure, the team will retain the power to remove machines which violate our content policies and ToS.

Gacha-fy everything

We will add support for third party collections and erc-721 NFTs (punks, glyphs, axies, etc), redefining DeGacha as an open platform for all types of NFTs, including:

  • Digital art and collectibles
  • In-game items
  • Virtual land parcels
  • Anything you can imagine

No matter the type of NFT, one will be able to leverage DeGacha’s gamified distribution technology. Search, categories, and tagging features will make it easy for users to find exactly what they are looking for.

Official Doki Doki Machines

Building on top of the Doki IP and brand, we will continue to curate and launch machines with talented creators around the world.

Fiat Integration

To reduce the friction of onboarding non-crypto users, we will integrate a wallet service and fiat gateway. This means DeGacha will have retail-friendly e-mail / phone sign-ups as well as payments via credit card.

3/Unlockable Content

This patreon-like feature will allow creators to attach an encrypted file to their NFTs that can only be accessed by the owner. Every file format is supported thus giving full flexibility to creators. Some examples may include:

  • Additional media files
  • High resolution and source files
  • Print-ready files (3d, 2d)
  • Invites to exclusive clubs and events
  • Redemption codes for physical items
  • Redemption Codes for digital items on non-NFT platforms
  • NSFW Content

We look forward to seeing how machine owners experiment with unlockable content to add extra incentives for collectors. We will also be putting considerable effort on the biz dev side to grow with new partners that can make use of this functionality.

4/ Metaverse Integration

Metaverses — virtual worlds powered by NFTs are changing the way people interact with and experience the web. To capitalize on the opportunities, we will start by building an official Doki Doki gallery along with 3d-interactable Gachapon machines. We are also in discussions with a metaverse platform to make Doki machines an integral part of land sales, in-world items, and more.


  • Chainlink VRF integration for industry-standard RNG generation
  • DStats 2.0 for better platform insights and analytics
  • General platform UI/UX improvements. Share what you rolled, etc.
  • Backend refactoring and optimizations


These upgrades transform DeGacha into a platform that is open, feature-rich, and primed for mainstream adoption. Moving forward, we will be publishing more in-depth articles for each roadmap item. Exciting times lay ahead for Doki Doki!

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