Doki lending with low APR, No-liquidation on KittenFinance

  • Expiry 31 days (28 days remaining as of writing this post). In order for borrowers to get their DOKI back, they need to repay the borrowed ETH + interest before the expiry date.
  • APY (Interest rate) of 12% (Just 1% monthly). If you borrowed 1 ETH for 30 days, you just need to return 1.01 ETH to the vault (Only 0.03% everyday and you can payback the ETH anytime)
  • Lenders can withdraw ETH at anytime as long as there is free ETH remaining in the vault.
  • As a lender, when you deposit ETH you are swapping ETH for vaultShares
    and vaultShares appreciate over time (if there are borrowers). When you withdraw ETH, you are swapping vaultShares for ETH.
  • The interest accrues in real-time. So if you borrow and payback your loan in a day, you only have to pay 1 day worth of interest (0.03%).
  • You can partially repay loans to unlock and withdraw partial collateral in DOKI.
  • Kitten lending is also gas-optimized and permissionless, feel free to experiment by creating your own lending vault with custom parameters for expiry price, date, and interest rate.

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