Doki x Cometh — More LP rewards on L2 + Spaceship Gacha!

AZUKI/ETH and AZUKI/MUST yield-farming pools on ComethSwap!

Cometh Swap pool rewards scale based on the total amount of liquidity added. The target APY is 300%, and much higher if you factor in compounding. The cometh swap has kindly agreed to honor this amazing APY, until the launch of their multi-token rewards feature. When the time comes, we will also support the LP incentive with some additional rewards in AZUKI.

A DeGacha Machine filled with unique yield-generating Spaceships!

Over the next few weeks, we will be collaborating with the Cometh team to design some yield-bearing Spaceships which can be used to play the Cometh game. They will be loaded into a DeGacha machine for fair & gamified distribution. Stay tuned!

Cometh Galaxy Mining Game with NFT Spaceships!

Join the Doki Squad!



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