Doki x Quickswap DEX— AZUKI Liquidity and Rewards on L2!

Doki Squad!

Today we’re thrilled to announce a listing partnership with Quickswap, a Uniswap-like DEX on Polygon L2!

AZUKI is listed on Quickswap, along with some amazing LP incentives which will begin this Sunday. As the launch of Doki V2 on L2 is Quickly approaching, the timing couldn’t have been better. Players will be able to purchase & replenish their AZUKI balance to play DeGacha machines directly on Polygon L2, paying mere fractions of a cent in transaction costs.

Cost of Swap on Uniswap: $15 ~ $50

Cost of Swap on Quickswap: $0.000009

These gas savings are definitely no joke!

Pairs and Rewards — Over $1.5m per year in LP rewards!

AZUKI / ETH — 8 Quick per day = $744600 per year

AZUKI / QUICK — 9 Quick per day = $837,675 per year

$Quick is the governance and fee-sharing token for Quickswap decentralized exchange, similar to $UNI for Uniswap and $SUSHI for Sushiswap. $Quick is also one of the native pairs on Quickswap.

The APYs are always the juiciest in the beginning, so be sure to take advantage and migrate some Liquidity over!

Steps — it’s Quick and Easy!

1/ Acquire some Azuki /Quick tokens tokens on Uniswap or Linkswap. Alternatively, you can also deposit ETH or Stablecoins to Polygon (Matic) and purchase QUICK or AZUKI on Quickswap itself.

Uniswap Azuki/ETH

Linkswap Azuki/LINK

Uniswap Quick/ETH

2/ Deposit some AZUKI / QUICK / ETH to L2 via the Matic bridge.

Deposits take about 5~7 minutes on average to process. After the deposit is confirmed, you will automatically be airdropped some Matic tokens into your L2 wallet so you can start making transactions. Matic token is used to pay for transaction fees on Polygon (Matic) L2, similar to ETH on L1.

3/ Add Liquidity to one or both of the pools, similar to how you would add to Uniswap.



4/ Stake your LP tokens, and you will start earning rewards in Quick!

Detailed video guide on how to use Quickswap:

You can join the Quickswap Telegram for additional support:



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The NFT Gacha platform. Make collecting fun and inspire digital creations.