Doki x YFLink Collaboration

Doki Squad!

After weeks of work behind the scenes, we’re excited to officially announce our collaboration with YFLink!

What is YFLink?

YFLink’s flagship product is LINKSWAP — a community-governed Automated Market Maker (AMM), focused on safety and value capture for the robust community of LINK hodlers. The LINKSWAP platform is packed with unique features such as “RugLock”, addressing the pain points faced by second generation AMMs of our time — both for LINK holders, and for the DeFi community at large.

Summary of our Collaboration

  • AZUKI/LINK & DOKI/LINK pools on Linkswap each with 2.25k AZUKI/day rewards for 6 months
  • A YFLink x DokiDoki DeGacha Machine, featuring exclusive NFTs
  • Exclusive Doki Doki Theme for LinkSwap
  • YFLink will host a NFT Auction in Discord, for 5 legendary NFTs

DOKI/LINK & AZUKI/LINK Exclusive Pools & LP Rewards

As part of this collaboration, YF Link will be enabling exclusive DOKI/LINK & AZUKI/LINK liquidity pools for individuals to trade the DOKI & AZUKI tokens, the currencies of the DokiDoki system;

$DOKI is the governance & revenue-sharing token of the DokiDoki ecosystem. $AZUKI is the token spent & burned to play the original Gachapon Machines. Both $DOKI and $AZUKI benefit from the growth of the DeGacha Platform.

Users looking to play the Gacha machines will need to source AZUKI, and LINKSWAP will be the only platform that enables this directly for LINK users.

Additionally, we have committed to a 2250 AZUKI per day reward Autopool for DOKI/LINK & AZUKI/LINK, which will be available on the LINKSWAP rewards front end. Users will be able to supply AZUKI/LINK liquidity and further increase their returns by staking LINKSWAP LP tokens at The promotion will last for 6 months.

LINKSWAP Exclusive Theme

In the spirit of the collaboration, we have also developed an exclusive LINKSWAP theme for the DOKI community, making LINKSWAP the perfect home for DokiDoki community members. This custom theme features original art by the Doki team as well as custom animations. We have also added Japanese as a new language option! Click here to check it out.

YF Link x DokiDoki Gachapon NFTs

We created completely original, animated card NFTs featuring Y-Fu and Ser, the YF Link mascots! Rarities for these beautiful NFTs range from Ultra Rare to Legendary, and each tier features different effects and colors. You can participate in the Gacha by purchasing AZUKI tokens from LINKSWAP and playing the unique YF Link x DokiDoki Gachapon machine here. The target launch date for the Gachapon Machine is mid-January. We will keep you updated on when the machine will be available.

Check out the full DokiDoki Gachapon tutorial here

YF Link x DokiDoki NFT auction

Finally, after the wild success of their previous NFT auction, YF-Link is running another auction for 5 Legendary rarity YF Link x DokiDoki NFTs! The other five will be available through the DeGacha machine on DokiDoki’s platform. The auction will start now on YFLink’s NFT-auction Discord channel here.

These are the rules for our auction:

1. Bidding will be open for 96h from auction open.

2. Bidding starts at $1 USD

3. The buyout price is going to be done Dutch Auction style where it decreases as vote end approaches. If the buyout price would be adjusted to a price below the current bid, it instead becomes the current bid and the highest bidder at that point wins the auction.

+0–24h = $7777.77

+25–36h = $6000.00

+37–48h = $5500.00

+49–60h = $4000.00

+61–72h = $3500.00

+73–84h = $2000.00

+85–96h = $1000.00

4. Bids should be in whole-dollar increments of at least $1 USD in size.

5. At auction close, Discord user @Originality will contact you about payment. Payment will be due within 7 days of winning — otherwise the next highest bidder will be provided with the option to purchase the NFT at a price that is the average of their bid and the winning bid.

6. You will have the option to attach as much or as little YFL to your NFT as you would like, so long as that number is not 0 YFL (our SC doesn’t like when you try to do that)

Here are the amazing YF Link x DokiDoki NFTs that will be available on the DeGacha machine and YFLink’s NFT auction:

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