Doki x YFLink Collaboration

What is YFLink?

YFLink’s flagship product is LINKSWAP — a community-governed Automated Market Maker (AMM), focused on safety and value capture for the robust community of LINK hodlers. The LINKSWAP platform is packed with unique features such as “RugLock”, addressing the pain points faced by second generation AMMs of our time — both for LINK holders, and for the DeFi community at large.

Summary of our Collaboration

  • AZUKI/LINK & DOKI/LINK pools on Linkswap each with 2.25k AZUKI/day rewards for 6 months
  • A YFLink x DokiDoki DeGacha Machine, featuring exclusive NFTs
  • Exclusive Doki Doki Theme for LinkSwap
  • YFLink will host a NFT Auction in Discord, for 5 legendary NFTs



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