DokiDoki Community Update — EOM Jan 2021

Doki Squad!

Here’s a recap of all the amazing things that happened in January and a teaser of some of the exciting up-coming developments for February.

DeGacha January Retrospective

  • Despite the crazy gas fees and just two active machines, DeGacha hit a huge milestone of over 8000 spins, which translates into approximately $144k USD value spent! In total, nearly 900k AZUKI tokens have been burned to date. These numbers are incredibly validating for both $DOKI and $AZUKI Tokenomics, and the DeGacha platform as a whole. Not to mention, there have been over $40k in secondary market sales on OpenSea.
  • We released the Creator’s Dashboard, a full-service tool for creators to self-manage their NFTs & Gacha Machines.
  • We partnered with YF Link. DOKI/LINK and AZUKI/LINK pairs are added to Linkswap with LP reward incentives. The official YF Link Gachapon Machine will be released as soon as L2 is live!
  • Nagi joined the DokiDoki team officially to lead BD/Marketing efforts. His extensive background and skillset is adding incredible value to DokiDoki.
  • Community member Kirienzo built an amazing dashboard called DStats to track our tokens & the performance of our Gachapon Machines. . We are now working together to integrate DStats as part of DeGacha website!
  • In collaboration with VeryNifty, we were the first project to be listed on NFT20! A permission-less protocol to create ERC20 derivatives for NFTs. Over 500 DOKI NFTs are now in the pool, the most NFTs by far. You can also become DOKI20/ETH LP to farm $MUSE!
  • We successfully launched the first ETH Gacha Machine with CryptoChris from NFTComics. We held our very first Artist AMA in the DokiDoki Telegram channel. “Everyone, who is an artist with a special type of style should have a gacha from point of view. The artist dashboard is easy to use and the support from the admins is amazing as well” — CryptoChris, Gachapon Machine Owner, creator of NFT Comics
  • Pranksy teased some of the incredible NFTs he is working on for his very own DeGacha Machine.
  • We previewed two CryptoChibi designs. [1] [2]CryptoChibis is an original DokiDoki IP and they will be obtainable via an up-coming $AZUKI machine.
  • We participated in CryptoArtWeekAsia (CAWA) via a live meta-verse event in CryptoVoxels hosted by TokyoCryptoXYZ. CAWA is a not-for-profit, artist-first endeavor aiming to strengthen and forge bonds within the Asian artist community, expose the general public and potential investors in Asia to the cryptoart scene, and to promote Asian-based artists in Asia and abroad.
  • We partnered with NodeRunners to bring Staking utility to DOKI NFTs. You will be able to stake DOKI NFTs to earn NDR! Rarity of the NFT will affect the yield. Initially the 22 NFTs from our first machine, Pixelated Retro Japan will be supported.

What’s next in February?

Momentum continues to accelerate for DeGacha as we build additional features, forge value-added partnerships, onboard talented artists, and attract new fans to our platform. Without giving too much away:

  • L2 Partnership announcement and development, for near-zero TX fees for playing our Gachapon Machines & near-instant confirmations
  • Launch of many new DeGacha machines on L2, including YF Link Machine & CryptoChibis, both $AZUKI machines
  • $DOKI Buybacks and new staking pools
  • A massive boost to the value proposition of $DOKI token
  • Development to integrate a new blockchain agnostic wallet service for improved user-onboarding experience
  • New marketing campaigns
  • New partnerships & collaborations
  • Additional DeGacha improvements & features
  • …and more!

As usual, details will be announced as we approach the release dates.

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