DokiDoki x Matic — Gacha on L2

Its been a wild start to 2021 Doki Squad! I think its safe to say that the bull market is in full swing, with DeFi and NFTs leading the way.

We’re proud to be part of this movement, bringing you the world’s first decentralized Gachapon machine & platform, DeGacha.

Current Challenges

It has become unreasonably expensive for both players and creators to interact with our 100% on-chain NFT platform in the last month, thus, it has become one of our top priorities to integrate a L2 solution, so that everyone can enjoy spinning our digital NFT Gachapon machines without spending ridiculous amounts on gas fees.

So with that in mind, drum roll please!!!

Today we’re excited to formally announce our L2 partner — Matic Network!

About Matic Network:

By integrating Matic’s L2 solution with DOKI, gas costs and tx wait times for both players and creators of DeGacha will become negligible. Matic’s interoperable bridges allow for the seamless transfer of the $ETH, $AZUKI, and DokiDoki NFTs between Ethereum L1 and Matic L2. Matic has been gaining a lot of traction recently, especially among NFT projects. OpenSea Marketplace will also be deploying on Matic, so collectors can enjoy low tx fees when trading DokiDoki NFTs on the secondary marketplace.

Why DokiDoki has chosen to partner with Matic

  • 65k TPS (TX per second) compared to ETH’s 25 TPS
  • Near-zero transactions fees (Fractions of a cent)
  • 2–3 second confirmations which allow players to open their Gacha Balls immediately
  • EVM Compatible, so that we can deploy our existing solidity contracts with minimal changes
  • Interoperability with Ethereum. Bridges which support the transfer of $DOKI, $AZUKI, and NFTs between Matic L2 and Ethereum L1 networks
  • Rapidly growing ecosystem of DeFi, NFT, and gaming projects. Many possibilities for partnerships & collaborations
  • Great developer documentation & support
  • Great wallet support (Metamask, Arkane, and more)

Components of DeGacha that will be on Matic L2

Secondly, the DeGacha machines themselves will be moved to Matic L2 so that players can enjoy spinning our machines without having to pay exorbitant fees, or waiting long periods for the TX to confirm.

Third, a bridge to facilitate the seamless transfer of $AZUKI and $ETH from Ethereum Network to Matic

Finally, Opensea will also be moving to Matic, so you can transfer DokiDoki NFTs without transferring back to L1

At this stage, DStake will continue to remain on L1, as the liquidity is dependent on Uniswap itself. We hope to see Uni and other DEX’s pick up the mantle and move to L2 solutions this year.


Here’s to a massive 2021 Doki Squad!



The NFT Gacha platform. Make collecting fun and inspire digital creations.

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The NFT Gacha platform. Make collecting fun and inspire digital creations.