DokiDoki x VeryNifty Collaboration

Doki Squad! Today we’re excited to announce a collaboration with VeryNifty.

Very Nifty is an experimental “tamagotchi” like game on the Ethereum blockchain. Feed your NFT to keep it alive and make it grow. vNFTs can mine $muse once a day. $muse is the game currency used to buy food and accessories for your vNFT, it can also be used to stake and LP for rewards.

From now, Doki NFT holders can wrap their NFT to play in Very Nifty, climb the Nifty Gallery leaderboard and earn $muse.

Currently NFT-00 Evangelist can be wrapped. And all future Doki Nfts obtained via our upcoming DaPP will also be supported!

This is the first step in hopefully a long term collaboration between the 2 teams. Both teams have long term plans in the NFT/DeFi ecosystem and friendly communities. 🤝

Rewards & Risks

VeryNifty is an experimental NFT game and we urge all players to fully understand the rules and mechanics before playing. If you neglect your NFT, it will die and you will lose ownership of it!

  1. You can go here to wrap any Doki NFT by burning 200 $MUSE.
  2. You can use your vNFT to mine $MUSE and play the vNFT game.
  3. If your vNFT dies it gets burned and you will lose control of the original NFT! (locked in the vNFT contract).
  4. You can always unwrap your NFT for free before it dies and have it back as an original DokiDoki vNFT.
  5. By wrapping a Doki NFT you get a chance to get a truly unique design in the VeryNifty Gallery.

You can find here a starter guide on how to play vNFT here:

And Join the VeryNifty Telegram or Telegram to ask any questions:



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