How to Acquire and Deposit Azuki / ETH to Polygon (Matic) L2

DeGacha Machine Selection Page:

There are two types of DeGacha machines 1) Machines which accept AZUKI to play, and 2) Machines which accept ETH to play.

How to acquire Azuki

There are two main ways to acquire AZUKI,

  1. Purchasing on Uniswap
  2. Purchasing on Comethswap, a Uniswap-like DEX on Polygon L2. This requires you to have some pre-existing ETH on Polygon L2.

DeGacha Machines live on the Polygon (Matic) L2 network, so you can enjoy spinning the machines with zero gas fees. But first, you’ll need to deposit your tokens (AZUKI or ETH) to L2.

The Polygon (Matic) Wallet and Bridge provides a simple and intuitive UI/UX , to manage and view your token balances on both L1 and L2. In addition, each time you deposit funds over the bridge, you will receive an airdrop of 0.1 Matic tokens to pay for tx fees. We recommend depositing as much as you want to play in one transaction, to save on gas.

To get started, simply head over to the Polygon (Matic) Bridge Page and connect your wallet

In the token selection menu, search and choose the token you wish to deposit. Input the amount you wish to deposit and click the “Transfer” button. Follow the UI prompt and confirm the transaction. Once the deposit has arrived (5–7 minutes on average), you will see your balance reflected on Polygon (Matic) L2, as well as on

Deposits take about 5~7 minutes to confirm, and appear in your L2 balance.

**Caution: For ETH Deposits, Please Deposit Regular ETH and NOT Wrapped Ether** Also please make sure the Transfer mode says “Pos Bridge”

For Azuki Deposit
For ETH Deposit

That’s it! Now you can enjoy spinning DeGacha machines with ZERO Fees!

P.S. The Gacha play page will also remind you exactly what you need to do at each step, in order to spin, and even setup your wallet to connect to L2. Choose a machine and try it out at

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