NFT Product Announcement

Since the beginning of the Doki Doki Finance Project two months ago, we have been telling everyone about our commitment to create novel and useful products which provide real-value. Novel products which attract new people to the world of crypto. Products which disrupt the status-quo and expand the boundaries of DeFi and NFTs. Today we’re excited to finally announce what we have been working tirelessly on, aside from those aesthetic Retro Japan NFTs :)

Introducing the Doki Doki Gachapon — our original and flagship NFT product

But first, What’s a Gachapon?

Gachapon is a popular vending-machine style game here in Japan. They can be found literally everywhere from the streets of Akihabara to the corner of a suburban local supermarket. Gacha machines are filled with a variety of small collectible toys wrapped inside a poke-ball. The player deposits coins, rotates the crank, and receives a poke-ball containing a randomized collectible toy.The allure of the Gachapon lies in the mystery of what you will get, as well as the instinctive desire of humans to obtain a copy of each item in order to complete the collection.

How Gachapon Creates Value

Collectors & Connoisseurs

  • Play to obtain exclusive and rare pieces of digital art and collectibles. Our NFTs will also have a base value denoted in AZUKI tokens. In other words, our NFTs can be converted back into a specific amount of AZUKI tokens. We call this “melting”, the opposite of “minting”. More details on this will be revealed in a future article.
  • With Doki Doki Gachapon, collecting is entertainment. Adding new pieces to your digital NFT collection has never been this fun & addicting!
  • There is the speculative potential that Doki Doki NFTs will increase in value through collaboration with major franchises, artists, & along with the growth of our community and brand.

Artists and Creators

  • Gacha as a Service (GasS). A new monetization model for talented Artists. Gachafy your creations and get more value out of your work.
  • Leverage the Doki Doki Brand, community, and marketing to increase exposure & awareness of your creations.

If you’re a talented artist and would like your work to be featured in one of our Gachapon Machines, please shoot us an e-mail at or DM @Rei on Discord :).

DOKI / AZUKI Investors

  • AZUKI is required to play our Gacha Machines and obtain original Doki Doki NFTs. AZUKI demand is increased.
  • Depending on each individual Gachapon machine, 60~80% of all AZUKI spent will be burned. AZUKI supply is decreased.
  • DOKI and AZUKI staking rewards increase with the increase of AZUKI price. Farming AZUKI also becomes sustainable.
  • We are also planning to deploy ETH-based machines which will use a % of the proceeds to buy back $DOKI.

Pixelated Retro Japan — The first Doki Doki Gacha Machine

Our first machine, titled “Pixelated Retro Japan” will feature a collectible series of original Doki Doki NFTs crafted by our in-house artist as well as the three winning submissions from our community art contest.

This machine will serve as a proof-of-concept and if successful, expect many more Gachapon Machines featuring work from various notable artists as well as Officially Licensed NFTs in collaboration with some major franchises.

Artists dedicate an enormous amount of time and effort to perfect their craft and produce beautiful pieces which fills us with a sense of wonder and makes our everyday lives more interesting. We hope that everyone will enjoy playing “Pixelated Retro Japan” and our future Gacha machines, to obtain these rare & timeless pieces of art.

Beyond Rare Digital Art and Collectibles

Our Machines are designed to be versatile, and can be used to “Gachafy” any type of NFT such as:

  • Virtual game items and property
  • NFTs with unlockable content
  • Utility NFTs for other DeFi projects
  • NFT-backed music
  • NFT-backed video
  • Event Tickets
  • Real-world assets
  • ENS Domains
  • NFT Financial Derivatives (lol)
  • . . .

UI / UX Previews

We’re planning to release two different UI themes — Retro and Modern. These previews are WIP (work in progress) so expect improvements in the release version.

Launch Date

The target is around mid-December, given no major issues come up during testing.

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