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6 min readMay 10, 2021

Today we have a very special Gacha machine launching in collaboration with Cometh! Details and instructions about how to play the Gacha, Redeem tickets for in-game spaceships can be found in the Cometh blog post

Let’s see how Doki and Azuki go to space!

Story by Meowyen

Bright-eyed Azuki had always dreamt about going to space. From her shelf filled with little handmade rocket ships made out of Ramune bottles to her bedroom ceiling decorated with glowing stars, it was no mystery to everyone that Azuki’s motivation to exploring the galaxy is by no means a fluke. Her fascination with what’s beyond intensified further the moment she met a certain girl with hair that reminded her of the lovely moon.

When she had first met Doki, the white-haired girl had looked lost and was clearly not used to the area. Azuki recalled how Doki’s hand trembled when she reached for it. Thinking back, it shouldn’t have been a surprise as Earth was an entirely foreign place for Doki. Anyone would’ve been frightened if they were to find themselves in an unfamiliar place. Azuki had saved a piece of Higashi from yesterday’s tea time with her mother to be eaten later, but in hopes of consoling the girl, Azuki thought it would better to pass it to her. She figured the colorful candy was enough to distract Doki, and to her defense, that was the only piece of sweet she had remaining.

The rest was had long been gone into the void known as Azuki’s stomach.

Somehow, one way or another, it worked. Doki had calmed down to the point where she was able to laugh at Azuki’s little rambles. As Azuki tried to help Doki to return back to her family’s entourage, navigating through the streets and passing many friendly and helpful Terrans, she also told her about the little fun facts about Terra, humanity’s home planet. Azuki truly had fun playing the role of a travel guide to Doki, and it could be said this whole event was when the friendship between the two blossomed.

Unfortunately, their little adventure came to an end when Doki was finally reunited with her family and they were due to return to the moon not long after. The day Doki was to return home, Azuki could only gift her a small bag Konpeito, bought with some allowance she had left. The two had promised one another to meet again one day, and as if there’s one thing everyone can agree about Azuki, is that she couldn’t be more motivated to keep it.

Doki never expected things to turn out this way back when she first landed on Terra. Call it a child’s foolishness and one could only blame her endless curiosity of this planet for getting her lost in the streets. More importantly, Doki didn’t think that she would end up becoming so attached to a Terran girl.

The first time she saw Azuki, Doki wasn’t so sure what to make of it. At the time, she felt only fear and lacking the sense of security the overbearing presence of her father would bring, Doki had been scared senseless. Yet Azuki had taken her hand, and the simple act was both a blessing and a curse. Doki wasn’t too keen on having this Terran girl witnessing her moment of weakness, yet there was no malice in Azuki’s action. Doki couldn’t help but feel herself becoming calmer than before.

It wasn’t easy for Doki to open up to Azuki. She was wary of this stranger girl since despite being a fellow human, Doki isn’t a Terran. They both had remained in silence for a few moments till Azuki passed her a piece of candy. The curiosity of this peculiar sweet overcame her initial suspicions of it being poisoned, Doki had stared at it while vaguely listening to Azuki rambling about its origins. The childish babble continued on and lulled Doki into eating it. It was delicious.

By then, Doki had fully relaxed. She had realized that not only was Azuki harmless, but she was a bundle of joy. Azuki somehow managed to keep that energy up for the rest of their adventure, always making sure to chime in with random trivia about Terra. Azuki even bought her a steaming hot Anpan when she heard Doki’s stomach growling. The two couldn’t help but burst into laughter over such unladylike rumbles.

When the day had come to an end and she was safely returned to her family, to say Doki was sad was an understatement. If it were up to her, she would’ve loved to spend more time with Azuki, however, it was not to be. Her disappearance caused quite a problem between the Lunarellans and Terran officials. To ensure no repeat of her errant behavior, Doki was watched over constantly for the rest of the visit till the day she was to fly home.

Even so, as Doki counted out the Konpeito candies Azuki had given her, the day will come where the two would be reunited once more.

It was time.

She was finally back here on Terra, on the promised day of the reunion.

“I’ll be able to see Azuki again…” Doki mumbled softly, the words had felt unreal to her.

It’s been far too long, the total of holo letters that the two had written back and forth in the span of years would outnumber the stars above. That was how often they’d contact each other during the decade spent apart. The archaic form of communication favored by the Terrans, an envelope, had been resting upon Doki’s hands was meant to be their final exchange. Doki could hope for that it was to be received well.

When the ship had finally landed, Doki could barely hold herself back. If it weren’t for the proper decorum deeply ingrained into her, all Terrans would’ve been witness to the young Moon ambassador running out of the ship like a child. As she disembarked and politely did her dues to the welcoming committee, her eyes kept searching for the familiar appearance of Azuki, having memorized her likeness from the many photos they’ve sent to each other.

Little did she expect to be met with the sheer intensity of Azuki’s eyes among the crowd. Before she knew it, she felt Azuki crash into her arms and the two girls were finally together.

“You’re here… You’re really here!” Azuki’s voice was muffled, but it was still coherent enough for Doki to make out what she was saying. Doki couldn’t even manage a response, as she was struggling to hold back her tears. For a few minutes, they just stood hugging each other in silence. They were truly overjoyed over this long-awaited reunion.

Shortly after, Doki pulled away and slipped the letter she had held onto into Azuki’s hands, beaming. Azuki slowly read the contents, her eyes lighting up.

Will you travel this wide galaxy with me? I promise we’ll always be together.

They will never ever be apart.



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