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5 min readMay 5, 2021

Hey Doki Squad!

If you didn’t already know, we recently managed to secure a spot as one of the first two collections to be whitelisted on Unicly — a highly ambitious DEX project which aims to become the Uniswap for NFTs!

First of all, what is Unicly? It is a permissionless protocol which allows for anyone to convert a NFT collection into “u” tokens, which are tradable ERC20s. uDOKI is a “u” token which represents fractionalized ownership of the official Doki Doki collection on Unicly. This is collection is considered “official” because it is created and managed by the Doki team. The total and max supply of uDOKI is 1 billion, and cannot exceed this number. Approximately 50% of the supply was made available for purchase in the initial liquidity added by the team. The remaining 50% will be distributed as long-term farming incentives for DOKI, uDOKI liquidity providers.

Check out the official uDOKI collection at: https://www.app.unic.ly/#/utoken-contract/0x7e6c38d007740931e4b419bf15a68c79a0fb0c66

The Unicly protocol allows anyone to purchase “uDOKI” tokens just like purchasing a token on Uniswap, and acquire an ownership stake in the collection. NFT Collectors can bid ETH on individual pieces in the collection, and uDOKI token holders can vote as a collective in order to “unlock” the collection. When a collection is unlocked, NFTs are sold to the highest bidders, and uDOKI holders receive the ETH proceeds in proportion to the quantity of uDOKI tokens held. 51% of all token holders need to vote for the collection to be unlocked.

For example, if the Doki Doki collection unlocks and there is 100 ETH in total bids on the NFTs, if you own 10% of all uDOKI tokens (100m), you receive 10 ETH from the sale.

uDOKI Tokenomics

  • Max Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Liquidity (50%): 500,000,000
  • Farming Rewards (40%): 400,000,000
  • Team (10%): 100,000,000
  • Vote required to unlock collection: 51%

uDOKI Value Proposition

As we have seen with Punks and CryptoKitties, NFTs backed by a strong brand and community has the potential to greatly appreciate in value over time. At launch, the uDOKI collection is bootstrapped by 3 full sets of NFTs from our genesis Gacha machine, Pixelated Retro Japan. We also plan on growing the value of the collection by periodically adding more rare NFTs to the collection in the future. These NFTs can be added by the team, and also donated by community members. So far, we have added a Twilight Tea 1/3 by Seerlight, two Legendarie pieces from Pixelated Retro Japan 2.0 — Doki Lambo Girl & Doki Doki Finance, A Pranksy Airways ultimate NFT, and a legendary 1/25 piece from Lariennes’s Retro Journey Machine. Expect some really nice ones to be added in the future.

For those who are new to Doki, at the core we are 1) A unique gamified #NFT platform that empowers creators with Gacha machines to launch collectible series: https://degacha.com/machines

2) A growing NFT brand, we craft and launch our own series as well

uDoki on coingecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/unicly-doki-doki-collection

UNIC Farming using uDOKI LP

Unic is the governance of the Unicly protocol. The maximum supply is 1M and will be distributed via LP incentives for whitelisted pools. Details: https://docs.unic.ly/unic-token-and-fair-launch

The amount of yield-farming rewards for each whitelisted collection in the beginning will be set by the Unicly team based on the following criteria and scoring system:

Allocation point weightings1) 45 — floor price (aggregate price of all NFTs in collection)2) 31— liquidity3) 11 — market cap4) 10 — volume5) 3 — holders

It’s important to note that judging will occur on a daily basis until the start of farming, so the earlier we participate the more allocation points we earn!

Unicly and uDOKI sounds interesting, how can I get involved?

  • Adding Liquidity to uDOKI (You need uDOKI and ETH)
  • Market buying uDOKI like a chad and increasing the marketcap
  • Actively trading uDOKI to boost the volume
  • Donating NFTs which in theory increases 1) floor price of the uDOKI collection , visit the Discord channel “Unicly-donations”for more details.

uDOKI LP event— a contest where everyone wins!

We will be running a community event with some cool and exclusive NFT rewards for participants! The community also wins through participation by increasing our rewards potential for farming UNIC on Unicly.

The amount of UNIC rewards the community will get is based on a set of specific criteria. One of those criteria is liquidity.

To ensure our community gets the best rewards possible, while also showing appreciation for those who support our collection on Unicly, we will be airdropping event exclusive Doki Doki Official NFTs.

In order to qualify for these airdrops you will need to compete with others by providing X amount of uDOKI/ETH LP for X duration of time.

At the end of the promo period, we will analyze the blockchain events and assign a rank to every address that has ever provided uDOKI/ETH LP based on a time weighted formula of LP provided during the contest period, which starts from now until the start of UNIC farming.

Top 10
Nanoless Green w/sig and mention of uDOKI event + both ETH and BTC Chibis + previous rewards

Top 50
Choice between ETH or BTC Chibi w/signature and mention of uDOKI event + Previous rewards. ETH will be the default if no choice is submitted.

Top 100
Doki and Azuki NFTs, w/signature and mention of uDOKI event.

Top 250
Randomized Doki or Azuki unless they fill in a Google Form with their choice by a specific date.

How to Purchase uDOKI, add LP, and Farm

1/ Visit this page to find links to “BUY” and “ADD Liquidity”

2/ Stake the LP tokens you receive for adding liquidity here: https://www.app.unic.ly/#/farm

Note * Farming is expected to go live sometime during mid-may.

A detailed guide is available on the official Unicly website: https://docs.unic.ly/tutorials/how-to-liquidity-mine-and-farm-unic

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