Project Update — June 2021


We also want to take a moment to thank you for your continued support of the platform. The Doki team is working tirelessly to continue to improve what we are offering to the world and we are excited about what the future holds. Nothing will get in the way of us continuing to provide more value to our community and the NFT space as a whole.


Launch of DStake 3.0

Try it out now at

Retweet the announcement to help us grow:

Governance Forum


Mobile Version of

Not to mention, the cool panel transitions for iPad resolutions :)


Visit to catch up.


If you believe that scarcity is a driver of value, it can’t get better than Chainbinders. In just a month, over 50% of the $BND supply has been burned and over 14187 NFTs have been unbound.

Thank you for supporting us as we continue to develop new and innovative products in the NFT space.

Now there is a full gallery with music and wallpapers all in one page.

Did you spin $BND or hold?

Are you keeping the amazing NFTs or will you let them go for the money?

The game continues!

New Artists, New Machines

  • Miguelgarest’s “Sushi Machine”
  • Mr.Twerky’s “Twerky’s Plushies”
  • Seerlight’s “Lofi Dreams” machine
  • Larienne’s “Retro Journey”
  • Pranksy‘s ’“Degenerative Gachapon”
  • Tokyoluv’s second machine “Summer Memories”

DeGach continues to be a highly attractive platform for artists looking to launch collectible NFT series. We have an awesome pipeline of new machines coming as well, and the “Doki Doki” tickets system will help us scale to meet the massive demand.

Partnerships and Integrations


We also have more coming in this partnership, so stay tuned.


The Cometh partnership will continue to grow as we work together to grow both projects. If you aren’t yet staking with Cometh go check out what they have to offer for staking. The founder of Cometh is also the president of Ethereum France, so the team there is always working to improve and innovate on what they offer.


We also added exclusive NFTs to the collections from the amazing artists in our marketplace.

Kitten Lending


More to come

Thank you for your support and your efforts to promote the platform.

About Doki Doki

The NFT Gacha platform

Make collecting fun and inspire digital creations

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Doki Doki

Doki Doki

The NFT Gacha platform. Make collecting fun and inspire digital creations.